Maryland Paper Company

A 100 % Recycling Mill

 Today, our paper mill is dedicated to the production of the finest quality recycled roofing felt available.

Since 1989, when we designed and built the factory, dramatic changes have taken place. We have expanded our facilities from 17,600 sq ft to nearly 118,800 sq ft and we now employ over 70 personnel. Our two redesigned and rebuilt paper recycling / processing machines produce over 100,000 tons of paper annually—enough to circle the globe nearly eight times ! The rapid development of our Company over the past fifteen years has allowed us to be one of the greater Washington D.C. area’s leading user’s of recycled waste paper.

Presently, we are capable of supplying many independent roofing companies with top quality roofing felt. Our final product is also shipped across the entire United States, from California to Georgia, from Florida to Canada.

The paper we recycle comes from across the Atlantic seaboard. Currently, we recycle paper from local sources such as the Washington County Landfill, as well as from major metropolitan areas including Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Richmond, and New York.

Maryland Paper both recognizes and understands the environmental problems of solid waste pollution. We are making a strong contribution to the solution of these problems with the recycling of virtually all forms of paper in our mill.

For the future, we will continue to expand and modernize our capacity to make top quality paper, at the same time being committed to our environmental responsibilities.